Air Explore

AirExplore is Slovakia’s largest airline, providing the most flexible, full-service ACMI and air charter solutions worldwide for passengers and cargo operations.

We offer our clients reliable aircraft, experienced crews, efficient maintenance, and first-class insurance coverage.

Based at Bratislava Airport, our fleet comprises Boeing 737-800s for pax operations and Boeing 737-800 BCF and SF freighters for cargo operations.


To be recognized as the leading ACMI operator in Europe, setting the benchmark for safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We aim to continuously evolve, integrating proven technology and environmental sustainability within our operations, while expanding our global reach. Through our commitment to excellence, we aspire to empower the growth of our clients and enhance the air travel and cargo transportation experience around the world.


At AirExplore, our mission is to provide unparalleled ACMI services, focusing on safety, reliability, and flexibility. We are committed to deliver exceptional passenger and cargo transport solutions, ensuring flexible operations for our clients through reliable aircraft, expertly trained crew, and rigorous maintenance standards. Our dedication to excellence and efficiency on every flight embodies our promise to be more than just a provider, but a trusted partner in aviation.