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From signing up to signing your contract, we streamline the process every step of the way. Getting started is as simple as uploading your CV or sharing your Linkedin profile. We’ll create your profile and prompt you if anything is missing. 

When one of our partnering airlines is looking for someone with your qualifications, you’ll receive a job alert. If you decide to pursue, we will support you as you go through the selection process. We make sure your needs are met. Of all professionals we recommend to our partners, 80% get hired. Even after you get hired, we’ll be in the picture as your first point of contact. 

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From the moment you sign up with us, you’re part of a community. We keep you up to date about job opportunities. You will only receive alerts and notifications relevant to your situation. If you’re part of one of our partners’ staff, we are your first point of contact for any questions you might have. Your wishes and needs are our priority. That’s how we maintain long term relationships with our professionals. 


Keep your administration up to date with our platform, MyHR. Here you’ll find paychecks, the status of your documents and licences and you can easily file your expense reports. With our dashboard, it’s easier than ever to get insights in your performance on the job. 

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