Heston Airlines

Heston Airlines is a newly established European carrier, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. A member of the Heston Aviation Group, a consolidated group of companies focused on aviation assets leasing, trading, maintenance, repair and overhaul. The airline operates Airbus 320 aircraft and Airbus 330, providing short and long term services worldwide. Our team of industry executives and specialists is something that makes us extremely proud and self-confident.

About Heston Airlines

What we offer

Long or short-term aircraft wet lease services for airlines with customized on board services and/ or livery. We provide our aircraft perfectly maintained (ACMI), fully insured, and with an experienced crew for your comfort and safety.

Full charter programs for airlines and tour operators, with localized implementation, including a local crew and tailored on-board services. Whether it’s a single flight or seasonal project, you will get your needs met.

Ad-hoc flight with instant quoting and fast dispatching for any unplanned situation.

Special cargo projects. We are conveniently able to offer an A320 aircraft and Airbus 330 to accommodate your freight volume and cargo flexibility needs.

Why choose Heston Airlines?

Excellent quality for a competitive price – No empty promises here, we work hard to keep our cost base low so that you get outstanding quality at a truly competitive cost.

Flexibility – We understand that the market is ever-changing and sometimes hard to predict. We’re determined to help you adapt to it by offering swift and straightforward response. This is why we’re able to quickly add extra capacity upon demand, and are reasonable regarding flight cancellations.

Exceptional customer service – Working closely with you from start to finish, we strive to ensure your experience exceeds expectations. From your chosen destination and departure time, to the check-in and catering service, we offer fully tailor-made solutions for you and your business. We also make sure everyone can relax on the flight: all our crew is carefully selected and undergoes a comprehensive training program.

Experienced team – We are an independent airline led by aviation experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We love what we do, are confident in our know-how, and are eager and able to share it with our customers.